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The Christ-Quest Institute is an advanced discipleship pursuit, with thousands of graduates having completed the classroom experience. This previously live classroom experience in now available online to allow classes which are accessible for world-wide participation. Online classes can be a flexible alternative to in-person classes. At the Christ-Quest Institute online school you will be offered a Master's course which presents 70 lessons along with Scripture studies. These lessons are presented by three different teachers: Ken Nair, Travis Turner and Ed Reimersma. Tests are given at specific points in the course with emphasis on the learning objectives.

What you will learn during your chosen path. While on your quest to Christ-likeness through the CQI classes, you will be educated about the many life principles enabling a student to build spiritual maturity.

The beginning, the focus will be to understand our human spirit (the same human spirit, the Holy Spirit indwells when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior). To become spiritually mature; to become capable of understanding our wife's human spirit as well as the human spirit in others. The ultimate goal is to illustrate Christ to our wife (who knows us better than anyone else) because we are learning how to make Him Lord of our life. And, the evidence of Christ being in our life, is seen in our greater capacity for being spiritually sensitive to the needs of our wife and others.

As you continue, you will learn that mechanical solutions to spiritual lessons don't work; that those methods cause the problems to persist. The accountability classes become much more personal, generating the opportunity to be more transparent and candid, as the student realizes there really are answers that apply to and resolve every-day life situations. You will realize that all the circumstances, situations and conditions which present themselves in life have spiritual significance with lessons to be learned. The student will learn how to translate, understand and apply those lessons that allow them to experience the benefits.

Finally, the student gains an ability to perceive the heart or spirit of others, which would be an emulation of Christ's ability. And, among other considerations, the student also gains the ability to fulfill the scriptural admonition to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Each student will be building a reputation by gaining credibility in the eyes of a wider population. They will be able to answer those who ask of the hope and purpose they see in each students as they are living examples of Christ-likeness.
On your own path
Two Paths - One Course
Listed below are two different options to enroll. This will help each student to enroll in the way that best fits their lifestyle.

When you choose the Group Path option, you will be placed with other students from across the globe to form a group of 20. This group will all start on the same day. They will be adhering to a strict schedule that requires them to follow along at a preset pace. There will be group chat sessions available which will be scheduled for each group at preset times and days.
When you choose the On Your Own Path, you will be able to advance through the material going at your own pace. A student can learn as quickly or as slowly as he/she desires. On Your Own Path students are strongly encouraged to schedule private counseling sessions to help guide you through this growing process.
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