CHRIST-QUEST INSTITUTE  - An Advanced Opportunity (Available only in select locations.)

If you are motivated to achieve true Christ-likeness in your home and experience the marriage that God intends for you, Christ Quest Institute is the right choice for you!

Life Partners Christian Ministries’ Christ Quest Institute offers students the opportunity to learn how to literally illustrate Christ and if married lead your family as Christ would. The Christ Quest Institute offers students a three year, intensive opportunity for study and application of biblical requirements.

You will never be the same… because you will have acquired the brand of Christianity the apostles died for.

Freshman Year (First Year): Involves Bible study homework that must be completed before attending the class it was designed to cover. The homework’s purpose is to prepare the student for the class lecture it precedes. Each lecture has a goal and learning objectives that will be defined.

The focus of the freshman year is to understand our human spirit (the same human spirit, the Holy Spirit indwells when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior). To become spiritually mature; to become capable of understanding our wife’s human spirit as well as the human spirit in others.

The ultimate goal is to illustrate Christ to our wife (who knows us better than anyone else) because we are learning how to make Him Lord of our life. And, the evidence of Christ being of our life, is seen in our greater capacity for being spiritually sensitive to the needs of our wife and others.

Sophomore Year (Second Year): The Bible study homework continues. The goal is to become an expert in the things of God and not even beginners in the things of the world. The sophomore year is the most demanding as a man learns to make the transition from mechanically performing, to becoming more and more able to function as a spiritually mature Christian.

The student realizes that mechanical solutions to spiritual lessons don’t work; that those methods cause the problems to persist. The accountability classes become much more personal, generating the opportunity to be more transparent and candid, as the student realizes there really are answers that apply to and resolve ever-day life situations.

Realizing that all the circumstances, situations and conditions which present themselves in life have spiritual significance with lessons to be learned.  The student is learning, how to translate, understand and apply those lessons that allow them to experience their benefits.

Junior Year (Third Year): This year continues with more intensive Bible study homework. The goal consistently remains that of becoming more and more Christ-like. This will includes gaining a wider understanding of the answers to more and more of life’s situations, circumstances and conditions. This will help the students much more quickly recognizing God’s purposes in their life and the lives of those for whom God has given them the responsibility to care for their spirits.

The student gains an ability to perceive the heart or spirit of others, which would be an emulation of Christ’s ability. And, among other considerations, the student also gains the ability to fulfill the scriptural admonition to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Each student will be building a reputation by gaining credibility in the eyes of a wider population. They will be able to answer those who ask of the hope and purpose they see in each students living examples of Christ-likeness.

Senior Year (Fourth Year-Sixth Year): There are two options in which seniors can participate. The senior is a graduate student who wants to re-enroll in the Christ-Quest Institute.

The senior can review all three previous years.  They will participate as: “Senior” Freshman, “Senior” Sophomore, and “Senior” Junior. As is apparent, the senior is participating again in each of the classes as labeled. The purpose being to deepen their understanding and application of the Biblical principles presented.

The second option involves the senior having been approached by a Life Partners Christian Ministries staff member with an inquiry about their willingness to consider, if they believe it is God’s will, to participate as a group leader. They will receive the appropriate training while in a classroom setting observing the leadership of a group leader. It is usually the case that the greatest spiritual growth takes place in a man during his senior years.
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